The Acceptable Year of the Lord

Now, at this moment, the favor of God--that free gift of salvation--abounds. When the Lord Jesus sat down to teach in the synagogue in Luke 4, He said that Isaiah 61 was fulfilled in the hearing of all those who were present--it was the hour of salvation. Paul, again, declares that the time of salvation is now, in the hour that he penned the second letter to the Church of God in Corinth. Consider a God to Whom "now" is both during the ministry of Jesus upon the earth and during the ministry of Paul. Consider the ways of a God to Whom "now" was both a time when Christ had not yet suffered and died for the sins of the whole world and a time when His Gospel was preached by Paul after His resurrection from the dead! Who can fathom the working of the Lord Who declares what is not yet as though it already is! Though we perceive the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus as having a distinct beginning and end, Christ declares to the pharisees that tax collectors and harlots are entering the Kingdom of Heaven before them at a time when He Himself had not yet died for their sins! Surely they did go in as Christ proclaimed, but that entering into the grace of God occurred prior to the satisfaction of God's just wrath upon sin in the body of Jesus. So we're left in wonder at a Cross of Jesus so powerful as to transcend time to save the lost. Surely they were saved from the foundation of the world!


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